4 vessel brewhouse

4 vessel brewhouse

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Copper 4-vessel brewhouse for a production of approx. 100 hl / brew consisting of mash kettle, mash tun, lauter tun and wort kettle as well as a whirlpool. The brewhouse was rebuilt and modernized several times in the years 1990-2001.


Stock Number200004
Additional title1958-2001
Capacity100 hl/batch
Featuresmash tun (copper), mash kettle (stainless steel, 1977), lauter tun (copper, false bottom made of stainless steel), wort kettle (stainless steel and copper cladded) with inner cooker (modification 1999), vapor condenser (Nerb, 2001), wort cooling heat exchanger, Schmidt-Bretten, type Sigma37H
Peripheryspindle station, wort pumps, cast wort pumps, warm water storage, CIP (for wort kettle), 2 tuns (caustic and acid) every with 20 hl. incl. cleaning pumps), y.o.c.: 1989