Production technology today - where are the gaps?

What is my production company worth? Undisputedly, brand, product and quality are at the forefront. The result of your production, your finished product, must meet a high standard of quality and continuity. A very good result can only be the consequence of a seamless functioning technology.

Finding the "weakest links" in the production chain is a major challenge. Does a plant still operate reliably? Can the plant still be operated economically?

Our analysis of your plants and the possible retrofit, modernization or expansion of your existing plants is our focus. The existing process technology is renewed with the aim of being able to produce faster, more error-free and more efficiently.

In many cases, the process technology is not obsolete. Only components such as sensors and actuators are getting on in years. A new acquisition makes only limited sense due to the high investment sum.

It is often enough to optimize subareas and thus upgrade the entire production process. In such cases, a retrofit can help out.
The modernization of the plant provides the following contribution:

  • increase in production volume
  • increasing the availability of machine runtime
  • modernization of the control system
  • adaptation of spare parts management
  • reduction of maintenance costs, minimization of downtimes
  • renewal of the operating safety and comfort of use

By replacing obsolete components and adding new, up-to-date technological advancements, existing plants are brought back up to the state of the art.

Closing the "gaps" often accomplishes great things; we are happy to be at your side in this!