Cold sterile filtration

Cold sterile filtration

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The Pall CFS system is designed as a single unit and can be installed directly in front of the filling line without the need for a buffer system. It is a completely independent process unit consisting of the following components: filter vessel Piping and connections Membrane cleaning system (CIP) integrity check Switchboard The hygienic design, the simple integrity test and the full automation ensure the microbiological safety of the system and usually allow the operation of the filling staff. Cluster filtering groups filter elements into clusters. Each cluster has its own outlet valve. During filtration, all clusters are open. Cleaning, sterilization and integrity testing are performed per cluster. Advantages of the CFS principle; Longer life Integrity testing on site Integrity diagnostics per cluster Special rinsing High specific flow rate Short flush times Constant flow in all candles Minimal water consumption Quick replacement of filter elements Controlled backwash Minimal beer loss High biological safety Constant availability With this filter system only preclarified products may be filtered, which have normally filterable properties in their composition.


ManufacturerPall GmbH
Stock Number204266CK
Max. filtration flow400 hl/h continuous
Permissible operating pressure6 bar
Permissible operating temperature105 °C
Volume1456 l
Current10 A
Voltage220 V
Watercold water: min. 150 hl/h; hot water (max 65 ° C): min. 150 hl/h
Compressed airprepared compressed air: 4 - 6 bar; control air: 5 - 8 bar
Weight3450 kg
Base constructionbasic frame with control and measuring components and filter container; cleaning module
Features98 filter cartridges, 3 piston diaphragm pumps (Dosage), centrifugal pump with frequency converter (WT circuit), various analog and digital sensors (flow, pressure, level, temperature, conductance), various valves, control cabinet