Brewing plant

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Brewing plant


The pub brewery plant consists of a 2-vessel brewhouse (cast volume 13 hl) with copper cladded stainless steel vessels as well as fermentation and storage cellar containing 7 insulated tanks with stainless steel cladding. In addition, the pub brewing equipment has all the other facilities needed to produce a variety of beers, such as: grist mill, fittings and refrigeration equipment. The brewery needs low maintenance and the machines are made of high-alloyed stainless steel. The two brewing vessels and the tanks are made of stainless steel and thus have a long and robust durability against chemicals and weather conditions.


ManufacturerDiverse / keine Angabe
Stock Number207041BB
Additional title13 hl Pub brewery
Knock-out wort13 hl
MaterialStainless steel / copper cladding
FeaturesBrewhouse with grist mill; 2 vessel brewhouse; wort cooler; wort aeration; hot watertank; Fermentation and storage cellar with 7 fermentation or storage tanks; cold water reservoir; cooling unit with evaporation condensor