Flash pasteuriser

Flash pasteuriser

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consisting of: -SIGMATHERM plate heat exchanger (heat exchange surface 21.5 m2) - Forerun tank 1200 l - Hilge product pump with manual control valve - Hilge hot water circulation pump - 500 l expansion tank - Shell-and-tube heat exchanger - Compressed air reduction station -Control cabinet with operating panel


ManufacturerAPI Schmidt-Bretten GmbH Co. KG
Stock Number207129QK
Additional titlepasteurization
Capacity100 hl/h
Perm. working overpressure16 bar test pressure 20,8 bar
Wärmeaustauschfläche21 m2
Length5,6 m
Width2 m
Height2,4 m
Operation / ControlControl cabinet with operating buttons
MaterialStainless steel
Base constructionFrame
Features2 x vessels; plate heat exchanger; pipe heat exchanger; 2 x product pumps; process measuring and control technology. various valves and other fittings