Automatic Ventilation Unit

Automatic Ventilation Unit

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The ventilation system was used to extract kitchen exhaust air. The system is weatherproof and can therefore also be installed outdoors.


ManufacturerWOLF GMBH
Stock Number205677JF
Additional titleFan for air exchange
Flow capacity20000 m³/h
External compression600 Pa Total compression: 734 Pa
Fan revolution1160 1/min
Noise level next to the unit58 dB(A) in 1 m distance
Power5,82 kW (inkl. Frequency converter), Motor 7,5 kW
CurrentMotor-electric power 16,01 A
VoltageMotor-Voltage 3 x 400 V
Frequency53 Hz
Lengthapprox. 4070 mm
Widthapprox. 1630 mm
Heightapprox. 1810 mm
Weight1200 kg
Operation / Controlcontrolled via wall mounted cabinet with integrated controllers
MaterialStainless steel cabinet
FeaturesFan (free spinning wheel), Frequency controller, electrical cabinet, bird protection (780 x 780)