Combination filter

Combination filter

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Combination Kieselguhr and Sheet filter. Stationary sheet filter with square filter elements in vertical row arrangement. Hydraulic filter layer compression. Control of hydraulics from built-in electrical panel. Option 1 - Combination filter Option 2 - Kieselguhr filter Option 3 - Sheet filter


ManufacturerSeitz - Werke GmbH
Stock Number206900QK
Capacity approx.850 hl/h Kieselguhr filter - filtration area approx. 174 - 242m2
Operating pressure8 bar
Power6 kW
Voltage220/380 V
Frequency50 Hz
Length10100 mm
Width1320 mm
Height1750 mm
FormatsQuadratic filter elements
Operation / ControlBuilt-in control panel
MaterialStainless steel
Base constructionFrame
FeaturesFilter plates; filter frames; re-routing plate; collection tray with removal screw; hydraulik filter plate compression; hose pump
Layer patternsVertical row arrangement