Cylindro-conical tank (CCT, 3pcs)

Cylindro-conical tank (CCT, 3pcs)

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Functioning yeast propagation consisting of 3 cylindrical tanks with jacket cooling. 1 tank is additionally equipped with a conical cooling and serves as a pure breeding tank for yeast production.


ManufacturerOrtmann KG
Stock Number200008
Additional titleYeast management
Capacity32 hl
Pressure2 bar test pressure 2,6 bar
Width1270 mm
Height3905 mm
Base constructionon 3 feet
FeaturesOperating yeast propagation system, every tank with cooling jacket,1 tank with additional cooling jacket for the cone, used as pure culture tank for yeast propagation
PeripheryAfter consultation we can equip the tank with the desired fittings.