Cap supply

Cap supply

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2 cap bunkers with the following estimated dimensions: Total length: 1.95 metres Frame length: 1.50 metres Width: 1.00 metres Height: 1.68 metres Weight: 300 kg 1 piece Inclined belt closing conveyor 1 piece Horizontal closing conveyor Length approx. 1 metre


ManufacturerGASSNER GmbH
Stock Number200784
Additional title1995-2003
Power0,1 kW
Voltage230 V
Frequency50 Hz
FeaturesCrown cap bunker; Typ: Basement BM1, y. o. c. 2003; crown cap bunker; Typ: Basement Typ GAMA, y. o. c. 1995; inclined beld conveyorTyp: SB 120, Baujahr: 1995