Kieselguhr filter

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Kieselguhr filter


Kiesel guhr filter with vertical, quadratic filter elements in a row. Manual filter bed compression via central spindle. Filter lid compression-proof. Easily accesible distribution chambers within the end plates.


ManufacturerSeitz - Werke GmbH
Stock Number206999QK
Additional titleFrame-mounted
Capacity20 hl/h
No. of plates22 St. (7 Stainless steel; 15 special alloy)
No. of frames22 St. (7 Stainless steel; 15 special alloy)
Length2800 mm
Width750 mm
Height1000 mm
Weight500 kg
FormatsQuadratic filter elements - 40 cm x 40 cm
PeripheryKieselguhr mixing vessel with dosing pump
Layer patternsVertical filter elements in rows