Sterilisation filter

Sterilisation filter

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Sterilisation filter for the fine filtration of beer with a capacity of max. 30 hl/h. Fine filtration system consisting of a beer filter housing equipped with 12 filter elements and the associated flush water filter equipped with one filter element. It is designed for beer filtration after kieselguhr filtration.


ManufacturerPall GmbH
Stock Number207001QK
Additional titledepth filter
Volume106 l
Operating pressure10 bar
Operating temperature140 °C
Length400 mm
Width350 mm
Height1800 mm
MaterialStainless steel 1.4404/1.4571
FeaturesConnections DN65; filter housing model SFG7124GNW65; 12 filter elements model AB3Y0057H4; Flush water filter model TASE013GNW50; filter element model AB3A0307H4