yeast propagation plant

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yeast propagation plant


Yeast propagation plant with 6 vessels for bottom-fermented (bf) and top-fermented (tf) yeasts, with: - wort sterilisator 630 Liters - propagator bf (U1) 630 Liters - yeast propagation tank bf (U2) 3180 Liters - yeast propagation tank bf (U3) 17493 Liters - propagator tf (O1) 630 Liters - yeast propagation tank tf (O2) 7195 Liters


ManufacturerBayer. Alu.- und Metallwarenfabrik Freising
Stock Number208135HN
Volume/measure propagators and wort sterilisator630 l diameter 800 mm; total height 2388 mm
Volume/measure yeast tank U23180 l diameter 1500 mm; total height 3533 mm
Volume/measure yeast tank U317493 l diameter 2500 mm; total height 5752 mm
Volume/measure yeast tank O27195 l diameter 2100 mm; total height 4074 mm
Length7 m
Width10 m
Height6 m
Materialstainless steel AISI 304
Featuresall operation panels and the piping; all fittings and eleectrical measurement units