bright beer cellar

bright beer cellar

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Pressurised tank cellar with three upright stainless steel pressure tanks of 207 hl each and with double-seat valve solution on the operating level. All tanks can be cooled.


ManufacturerGROSS Behälterbau GmbH
Stock Number208181HN
Additional title3 pressure tanks
Diameter/tank2140 mm
Total height/tank6360 mm
Effective cooling surface18 m²
Max. working overpressure inner tank4 bar
Systemic volume207 hl
Length8 m
Width4 m
Height6,5 m
Weight1985 kg
Materialstainless steel AISI 304
FeaturesTank cleaning equipment with spray head, safety valve, pressure gauge, air valve combination; sampler, level indicator with valves, outlet valve, Printed tank books and drawings available
PeripheryInlet & outlet pipework via double-seat valves