crate washer

crate washer

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Crate washer for longitudinal plastic crates with 3 cleaning levels on top of each other and dirt discharge with collection vessel. 1st level: Soaking basin with pump suction channels. 2nd level: Main spraying with upward turner and conveyor. 3rd level: Final spraying with upward turner and conveyor with water collection pool.


ManufacturerBohrer Maschinenbau
Stock Number208171BB
Additional title2500 crates per hour
Capacity2500 crates/h
Volume of soaking bath2 m3
Power24,6 kW
Voltage380 V
Frequency50 Hz
Length6,5 m
Width1,4 m
Height3,0 m
Weight4300 kg
FormatsNRW crates (400x300x290 mm), NRW handy crates (400x300x300 mm), Pinolen crates (395x300x270 mm)
Running directioncrates longitudinal
Materialstainless steel cladding
Base constructionstanding on 4 feet
Features2 x crate turner, soaking basin, main spray jets, second spray jets, dirt expulsion with collection vessel, caustic dosing system