Membrane Filtration System

Membrane Filtration System

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Membrane filter system for the filtration of beer. The BMF system consists of 1 module block and 4 BMF skids with 18 membrane modules each.


ManufacturerPentair Südmo GmbH
Stock Number208484QK
Additional titleBeer Membrane Filtration (BMF)
Capacity approx.175 hl/h filtrate
Flow rate330 m3/h un-filtrate pump
Flow pressure1 bar un-filtrate pump
Number of modules per skid18 pcs. (no. of BMF Skids - 4 St.)
Lengthapprox. 10500 mm
Widthapprox. 7000 mm
Base constructionModules mounted on frame
Features1 x BMF Modulblock; 4 x BMF Skid, je 18 Membranmodulen