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Empty Bottles Inspector


The inspector is designed for non-contact inspection of containers. The following defects can be detected: - opaque and transparent contaminations on the bottom - damaged or dirty container openings - impurities on inner and outer walls as well as contaminants - leach residues The inspector controls the rejection of contaminated or faulty containers.


Stock Number208623BB-1
Additional titleInspector
Max. continuous power without brake star72000 b/h
Max. continuous power with brake star16000 b/h
Compressed airmin. 6 bar, max. 10 bar, water- and oil-free
Length2420 mm
Width950 mm
Height2830 mm
FormatsImage processing: up to 72 000 containers/h; container body: 50 - 100 mm; container neck: 26 - 66 mm; container height: max. 350 mm
Running directionlinks -> rechts
Featuresdouble sidewall inspection
PeripheryRejection unit, fill level and label control, full crate control, gateway