chlorine dioxide plant

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chlorine dioxide plant


Plant for the pressureless production of an aqueous chlorine dioxide solution. The two starting materials will be successively conveyed with peristaltic pumps in a reaction vessel. There, the levels are over a level probe is scanned so that a correct mixing ratio of 1: 1 is guaranteed. In addition, the running time of the peristaltic pumps is monitored by the software. After the reaction time, the finished chlorine dioxide solution is rinsed with water in the reservoir tank and metered from there by means of diaphragm metering pump and metering valve at the point of use.


ManufacturerJürgen Löhrke GmbH
Stock Number204147CK-2
Additional titleWater treatment - chlorination
Capacity18 g/h ClO2
Dosage volume9 l/h against 7 bar
Operating pressure6 bar
Operating temperature30 °C
Voltage120-240 V
Frequency50/60 Hz
Length290 mm
Width620 mm
Height820 mm
Operation / ControlSiemens S7-300 with color-touchpanel
Features2 peristaltic pumps, 1 chlorine dioxide reactor made of diffusion-proof glass, 1 feed tank made of PE, 1 motor dosing pump "Smart Digital", 1 activated charcoal filter for ventilation, 1 seed valve PVDF 1/2 "a 1 blue protective hood, 2 suction lances in PVC (including strainer, check valve, empty signal), 2 drip pans, 1 contact water meter 1 1/2 "