cap bunker

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cap bunker


simultaneous placement of two feed containers, two extra feed containers included. The feed containers filled with caps are placed on top of the tipping platform. From there they fall into the mobile hopper and finally into a longitudinal conveyor. When caps are requested, they are conveyed to a drop-in hopper and thus reach the conveyor belt. From there, the caps are conveyed into a pipeline with a blower, and from there they are moved to the closing unit.


ManufacturerEckel & Sohn Maschinenbau
Stock Number208178BB-2
Additional titlecap supply
Operating pressure7 bar
Power50 W
Current0,62 A
Voltage156 V
Frequency50/25 Hz
Compressed air100 l/min
Operation / ControlSiemens Simatic S5-90U
Base constructionstainless steel frame
Featurestotal of four feed containers, electrical cabinet