CIP system

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CIP system


CIP system consisting of two identical vessels with lids, flow and return pump and conductivity measurement. To start the CIP process, the centrifugal pump must be switched on manually. Dosing of acid and lye is done manually via the vessel lids.


ManufacturerChristian Gresser
Stock Number208527BB-3
Additional title2 vessels
Volume per vessel1331 l
Weight400 kg
Materialstainless steel
Base constructionon feet
Features2 vessels with lids, forward and return pump, conductivity measurement Prerun--pump 25 m³/h against 30 mWH, 5,5 kW 2.900 rpm; return-pump ca. 15 m³/h against 10 mWS, 4,0 kW 1.435 rpm