Kieselguhr filter

Kieselguhr filter

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Kieselguhr-Filter Twin Flow-System


ManufacturerKrones AG
Stock Number209302HN
Surface of filtration25 m²
Capacity of filtration200 hl/h
Max. operating pressure9
Number of candles135 candles
Systemic volume976 Liter
Width1100 mm
Weight500 kg
Operation / ControlSimatic S7-300, SPS-Typ = S7-314C-2 DP, HMI = ProTool und WinCC flexible
FeaturesDiatomaceous earth dosing, controls, fittings, valves, sensors
PeripheryPre-/Postrun tank 60 hl max. 5 bar, non-filtration tank 61,5 hl max. 5 bar, filtration tank 10 hl max. 5 bar, Additiv-dosing, Securox Partikelfilter, Pall Partikelfilter