water treatment plant

water treatment plant

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Water treatment system consisting of: cation exchanger, reverse osmosis system, and pressure booster station


ManufacturerJUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH
Stock Number204446CK
Additional titlewater softening
Permeate capacity1 m³/h
Max. permissible pressure6 bar
Yield75 %
Salt retention98 %
PowerHD-pump 1,5 kW, 3,15 A
Frequency50 Hz
Lengthapprox. 2294 mm
Widthapprox. 740 mm
Heightapprox. 1220 mm
Weight200 kg
FeaturesConductivity meter, fine filter, overpressure protection, high pressure pump, control unit, pressure booster station 2 salt dissolving and storage containers, 2 filter containers with nozzle rod and lower nozzle, central control valve with upper nozzle, control unit