CIP system

No longer available

CIP system


Plant for rinsing and chemical regeneration of a beer post-filtration.


ManufacturerAnlagenbau AG
Stock Number205881FO-8
Additional titlecleaning system for secondary beer filtration
Volume caustic vessel600 l
Volume disinfektion vessel1000 l
Volume water vessel1000 l
Materialcaustic vessel: 1.4401; disinfection/water: 1.4301
Base constructionpart for caustic: on frame with 4 dome feet; disinfection/water: on frame with 6 dome feet
Featurespart for caustic: caustic vessel, thermometer, heating coil, dosing vessel, conductivity measuring device, centrifugal pump disinfection/water: disinfection vessel, water vessel, Hilge Hygia II centrifugal pump: 4 kW, 20 m³/h
Peripherycontrol cabinet with Simatic OP7 touchpad