Bright beer tank

Bright beer tank

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vertical stainless steel tank with dished bottoms, shell cooling zone, manhole, sampling tap, central outlet.


ManufacturerChristian Gresser Behälter- und Anlagenbau GmbH
Stock Number204385CK
Additional titlepressure tank
Volume152 hl
Operating pressure5 bar
Operating temperature20 °C
Widthapprox. 2600 mm
Heightapprox. 4000 mm
Materialstainless steel
Base constructioncylindrical tank with dished bottoms, placed an 4 square tube feet
Featurescooling coil (jacket, 5.1 m², 1 bar, 84 l, glycol), manhole, spout DN65 with hand flap valve, vacuum valve DN32, safety valve DN25, bung glass, sample pipe DN10, CIP pipe DN40 with spray head DN25, level indicator by hose, yeast plug, pressure gauges, crane eyelets, ladder bar