palletising line

palletising line

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Palletising system for beverage crates consisting of: - palletising robot - depalletising robot - pallet inserter - 2 x pallet magazine - pallet conveyor with 4 rotary segments - 2 x transfer car - pallet control incl. outfeed


Stock Number209015MW
Additional titleyears of construction 1997-1999
Capacity44000 bo/h referring to 20-bottle crates
Capacity (crates)2200 cr/h
FormatsEuro pallets; 20 bottle crates NRW 0,5 l and Euro 0,5 l, 24 bottle crates 0,33 l
Operation / ControlSiemens Simatic S7-300
Featurespalletising robot, depalletising robot, pallet inserter, pallet magazines x2, pallet transport line incl. 4 rotary segments and a pallet control, pallet magazine x2, transfer car x2